• Image of ABC Computer Science Game Cards

Twenty six (26) computer science words.

Definitions of the words.

Shapes recognition (your child will learn to identify shapes such as a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, diamond, hexagon, trapezoid, octagon and oval).

A tangram cut-out card - A tangram uses different shapes that incorporates math, spatial awareness, design, problem solving, exploration and storytelling. Complete the puzzle to create and tell your own robot story.

Color matching game.

Binary matching game.

Binary Magic Card.

Character cards featuring Gig Giggles, Melody, Sparkle, Mr. Capacitor, Mouse, and PiƱata.

Target age range: 5 - 9.

The cards are 4.25" x 6", 16 pt, gloss UV coating, are packaged in a clear cello pack (with a hang hole) and were printed in the U.S.